Q: Is there an advantage to buying fabric from your upholsterer?

A: YES!  The fabrics are of finest quality and we have over 100,000 selections to choose from. We’ll know if the fabric you select will tailor properly to fit your furniture. Should any damage occur after your job has been completed, we’re able to obtain additional yardage, often for as long as two to three years later. If there is a fabric failure, you have only one person to look at for correcting the problem…us.  No passing the blame.  We’ll deal with our fabric manufacturer directly.

Q: Is there any type of warranty on fabrics purchased from your upholsterer?

A: YES!  Fabrics purchased from us have a limited warranty from defects or failures under normal wear conditions, backed by the manufacturer and/or distributor. Many retail stores buy off-quality fabrics to offer attractive advertised prices. Discounted fabrics seldom have a warranty.

Q: Are there disadvantages to furnishing your own fabric?

A: YES!  In many cases, your fabric roll is the only one available and not warranted. Flaws or pattern matching can take more fabric than may be available. You can be caught in the middle in the event of a fabric failure.  If the manufacturer can be traced, they are likely to claim it was not their fault.

Q: Do you save money on the total job by furnishing your own fabric?

A: NO!  The cost should be the same or less when buying your fabric from us. Profit margins and overhead do not change whether we furnish the fabric or not. There is a cutting and handling charge when you supply your own fabric. Our fabric prices include the cutting and handling charge. When calculating yardages, we know the requirements for repeating patterns. We know how the patterns are oriented on the rolls and how to minimize scrap. In most cases, you will end up buying more retail fabric than you actually need.